Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DOUBTLESS THERE'LL BE AN ADVERT WITH THOSE STUPID ANTS IN IT: We've already pointed out the tremendous problem with selling downloads in the form of a card which you have to leave your computer and head down to a shop to buy, before returning and putting in some sort of magic code - basically, why would anyone bother when they could just zip across to a file-sharing network without even having to put their boots on - but even more odd is the tie-up between Napster and the Post Office. Signing a deal with a company which is actively trying to close down as many of its outlets as the public will let them get away with? What sort of strategy is that? Added to which, if our area is typical, the queues at the few Post Offices which are still open (twenty minutes to renew Car Tax) are hardly going to fit in with the on-demand lifestyle promised by the click-and-own music services. Why not go the whole hog and make kids have to fill out a form and send it off before they can get their hands on that Khia song? That'll stop the peer to peer network.