Friday, November 19, 2004

EMAS FALL MAINLY TO OUTKAST: Last night, MTV presented the European leg of its global awards scheme - most of the prizes went to Outkast, and mainly for Hey Ya. The winners in full:

Best Group: OutKast
Best Male: Usher
Best Female: Britney Spears
Best UK & Ireland Act: Muse
Best New Act: Maroon 5
Best Alternative: Muse
Best Album: Usher 'Confessions'
Best Rock: Linkin Park
Best R&B: Alicia Keys
Best Pop: Black Eyed Peas
Best Song: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
Best Hip-hop: D12
Best Video: OutKast 'Hey Ya'
Free Your Mind: La Strada

We're as surrprised as anyone to see that Maroon 5 are considered to be the sound of the future, and slightly disappointed that virtually every prize is going to be shipped back across the water to America. Apart from Muse's award, of course.

Apparently, How Very Random doesn't share our shuddering at the mention of Maroon 5.