Saturday, November 13, 2004

FRANZ FERDINAND MEET SIMPLY RED: There's plans afoot for the UN to promote a gig to help the people of Dafur - we kind of like the idea of the UN promoting a show; we'll be looking out for Kofi stood outside the Brixton Academy sticking fliers into the hands of people swanning out of a night there, or Camden council wondering if they could get away with taking out as ASBO against the flyposters: "I'm not sure if the blue beret does give them the right to stick adverts up..." Anyway, the good news is the Royal Albert Hall even will feature Chrissie Hynde, Franz Ferdinand (on a video link) and... um, will help refugees; the bad news is Lemar and Mick 'I'm only doing this in the hope that someone invites me along to band aid' Hucknall. December 8th.