Saturday, November 27, 2004

HAVING IT ALL...: We've been looking deeply inside ourselves trying to work up some sympathy for Madonna, who just has it so tough - indeed, she's just too busy to be creative, poor lamb:

"I need to calm myself.

"I don't have a manager anymore, so now I'm my own everything.

"Then I'm the person who stands at the door when my husband comes home from work, waiting to rub his feet.

"And I'm the person who helps my kids with their homework and puts them to bed. I'm exhausted.

"That's my problem now. I no longer have time to be creative."

Righto... so, you've got to help your children with their homework - one is three, and one is eight; it's not like they'll be bringing home three essays on Grecian democracy to be finished overnight, is it? And you only dumped your manager - what? - a month ago? And to be honest, if Guy is coming in demanding you rub his feet, while your life is apparently so tiresome and stressful, maybe you should think about telling him to pull his own finger out. Then again, if you've become little more than a stay-at-home wife, why is organising your career so difficult? And, more to the point: you're a freaking millionaire. Hire some help.