Friday, November 12, 2004

HIS NAME IS RIGHT-CLICK: Apparently there was a limited-edition His Name Is Alive box set available just now, but it was really limited edition - as in fifty copies, rather than the more vague use of the phrase which usually means "until we run out of plastic".

In case you weren't able to grab one of these, HNIA is making one of the albums available for downloading; it's a 1990 set of cover versions with slightly skewed titles:

01 Seven (Peter Green - "Seven Stars")
02 Boy (Tiger Trap - "Prettiest Boy")
03 Jody (Masters Of Reality - "Jody Sings")
04 Jane (Jane Siberry - "Taxi Ride")
05 Silver (Leadbelly - "Bring Me Li'l Water, Silvy")
06 Affection (The Carter Family - "Fond Affection")
07 Young (Neil Young - "Harvest")
08 Night (Big Star - "Nightime")
09 Man (Charlie Feathers - "Man In Love")
10 People (origin confidential)
11 Long (The Beatles - "Long, Long, Long")