Wednesday, November 24, 2004

IN ME IN COURT: The crackdown on flyposting is starting to gather pace, with Music For Nations being hit with a five thousand quid fine for sticking an In Me poster up in Soho. We suppose the enormous fine is to recognise the enormity of the record being promoted.

Of course, flyposting is one of the things the government will deal with as part of its legislative process away from making thoughtcrime illegal and bringing back internment - the local environment is to be focus of a slew of legislation, and that means things like chewing gum, graffiti, flytipping and, yes, flyposting.

We think it's sweet that TfL - who were London Transport before they were flogged off - are rising to the challenge of flyposting on their property by sticking "cancelled" signs on any posters they see - which, apart from being like Dastardly and Muttley turning fingerposts round (RACE THIS WAY -->), would only work if they didn't tell people they were doing it. They might as well put the words "(not really, it's just us at TfL. Tee hee)" under the "Cancelled".