Friday, November 19, 2004

IT'S LIKE THE CLASSIC DAYS OF THE CHART SHOW: - by which we mean when it was on at teatime on Channel 4, of course. First, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry are back, and about to release a new album before springtime (in the meanwhile, they're sticking out a live DVD); and their fellow Indie Chart regulars We've Got A Fuzzbox have got a best of album out called, um... Look At The Hits On That. In case you don't get the joke, the sleeve rubs your face in it:

We wonder if the album has got XX Sex on it. The one about how things like Page 3 exploit women for financial gain.

There has, of course, already been a Fuzzbox best of, although it featured rather a lot of alternative versions rather than the originals. And that doesn't have XX Sex on, either. Nor does the BBC Sessions, come to that.