Tuesday, November 16, 2004

IT'S LIKE WHEN THE BEATLES CAME OUT ON CD. THAT WAS A BIT DUFF, TOO: Oasis take a graceful step into the world of the computer today, with the elaborate roll-out of their back catalogue across download services. The big online music stores will be adding one album a day, in order, starting with Definitely Maybe today. In other words, by Wednesday they'll have got through all the good stuff. If you really, really can't wait for Songbird to be blaring out of your PC, oasisnet has the lot, in one go. That's, confusingly, oasis net dot com, rather than oasis dot net. All the individual stores, from iTunes to, um, isn't there one owned by Coke, will have stuff exclusive just to them, if it all wasn't thrilling enough.

"We decided to go digital when it suddenly became clear that not having Oasis available online wasn't actually holding back the sales of the iPod" we imagine Noel as saying.