Saturday, November 13, 2004

LAID TO REST: Well, we cried about three times reading the reports of Peel's funeral - it was Gambaccini that really got us, though. Coverage, of course, is in the Peel uberpost.

On the same theme, this week has been the first time we've actually had much of a chance to listen in to Rob Da Bank's show - he's doing a great job in what must be really trying circumstances, a cross between being a caretaker manager and the owner of a listed building; the music is excellent (Tuesday had a session from Ballboy, as good as any of the others this year). We wish with all our heart he didn't have the sort of comedy name that even a breakfast show host on a GWR station would shun, but we think the signs are good. Our first choice would have been for Radio One to tempt Steve Barker back to Britain, but we're happy to endorse Rob. Maybe if you dropped the "Da", though?