Monday, November 22, 2004

MCFLY WIN BIG: Following in the footsteps of Five Star, McFly are this year's big winners at the Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party, um, Poll Awards Ceremony Thing. They picked up best UK band, best album, best video, stars of the year and most fanciable male (for Danny Jones); Busted took best mop top (for Matt's hair), best single (Thunderbirds - no, really) and the much-admired favourite ringtone award. Rachel Stevens was most fanciable female and best dressed (or possibly least dressed) artist. Will Young was worst dressed; Marilyn Manson had the worst hair - which is a little unfair, he might be a vacuous bore who manages to make fetishwear seem unappealing, but he does usually have a wonderful barnet. Natasha Bedingfield was best new talent, Usher best solo and best R&B; Darkness best rock; Eminem best hop hop and, again with the Maroon 5, they were best International act. Shapeshifters picked up best dance act.

Kylie ruefully pointed out her first Smash Hits photoshoot was sixteen years ago when she got her Smash Hits Hall of Fame (no, we didn't, either) prize - which does say something about her longevity, if nothing else.