Monday, November 22, 2004

UP ON THE SOAPBOX: There's a new Simple Minds album in the works, and DJ Martian reports that Jim Kerr's flirting with a little bit of politics:

"We have one new tune that is very much in the style of something from our earlier album Empires and Dance. The working title of this dark and dramatic piece is God Save Us From Our Governments - it aptly sums up how we feel regarding Tony Blair's stance towards the notion of disarmament in Iraq. Despite the heavy-handed song title, this is not sloganeering for the sake of it. Throughout our career we have within our music tried to encapsulate the feeling and issues of the times that we live in."

Oddly, of course, nothing says "You've just pissed away another couple of hours of your life watching Molly Ringwald" like Don't You Forget About Me, so we do believe that they achieved that at least once.