Monday, November 15, 2004

NOW... IT'S HENRY ROLLINS VERSUS ANDREW COLLINS: Reviewing movies is one of those jobs which - like, say, writing children's books - that everyone seems to think they can do, even although it's actually not as easy as it seems. The latest celeb pitching up thinking "if Barry Norman can do it, so can I" is Henry Rollins. Henry, however, believes he has all the qualities needed to provide worthwhile movie reviews:

"Here's the bottom line. Everyone hates a critic, but everyone is a critic, so why not me? I'm no expert on film, I'm no columnist, I'm a guy who likes a good movie and I'm sick and tired of walking out of a theater, being CGI'd to death, so if you wanna find out about some films you should see, this is the show for you."

We think we'll stick with Mark Kermode for a while longer yet.