Monday, November 15, 2004

PUT IT AWAY, NOW: The two anarco-hippies who charged the stage during a Cumshots set at a festival in Norway have been in court, following their refusal to pay their NOK10,000 fine. For good measure, the bloke, Tommy Hol Ellingsen got his cock out at the hearing [nsfw, or, indeed, breakfast time]. The feeling starts to grow that maybe this was less about saving the forests, more about giving Tommy a chance to get naked in public, doesn't it? He and his partner in sexcrime, Leona Johansson, are now flogging posters and other doo-dads.

The organisers of the Quart festival, in Kristiansand, were fined about USD7,000 for letting it all happen. And go on for ten minutes. Our understanding is the court wouldn't have been quite so angry if the sex hadn't gone on for so long, making them feel a little inadequate.