Wednesday, November 10, 2004

RADIO ONE UNEXPECTEDLY EXCITED ABOUT U2: Sometimes, it's easy to forget that Radio One is a publicly-funded service with a remit to broadcast the best new music: sometimes, like when it overplays promo stuff for the new U2 album, it looks uncomfortably like an arm of Island Records. We can see that there might be value in having a live gig by U2 on air - but what's it doing in the Zane Lowe programme? And we're not sure about the value of taking Chris Moyles an Jo Whiley to Dublin - Moyles' show is going to be going out the day after the band have packed up and gone back home.


Anonymous said...


They're all at it at the Beeb. God, but isn't it depressing?

The One FM guys have presumably been cuntstruck by a whizz of U2's PR wonks saying "we can offer you an exclusive deal on an exciting concert by these ageing bores...", and snapped it up like Johnnie Walker being offered two satin bomber jackets with a hooker in each and some trumpet in the pockets.

Whereas the 6Music thing is even more depressing.Their lead music story on the News broadcasts is that U2 is offering streams of the album ahead of its release.

Streams? Isn't this kind of marketing exactly the kind of thing NTK (ITMA for silver surfers) set out to identify as ANTI-NEWS back in 1997?

Don't you hate how easily the BBC is diddled?

--Alan Connorp.s.: your email at bothsidesnow is fuxx0red ["The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is: Delay reason: host lookup did not complete"]


Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You wonder how far the contract for the live gig (... and Chris Moyles coming from there the next day) stipulates the BBC must treat all U2 PR as if it was proper news...

(re: the email address - yes, server problems, which is why we've got an ITV-strike style no image version of No Rock again... is working, though

Anonymous said...

Radio 2 is at it now, trailing some "exclusive previews" or something and announcing that it's their "11th Studio Album" as if this is some kind of landmark for humanity.

Do you reckon G Money on 1Xtra will mention U2 before or after Beth on The Archers?

--Alan Connor#

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