Tuesday, November 02, 2004

THE REPUBLICANS REALLY ARE FEELING THE HEAT: As if sending Dick Cheney all the way out to the Hawaiian islands to try and shore up the vote there wasn't indication enough that the GOP are feeling twitchy about the outcome of the election today, they're also having a mini-rant at Rock The Vote.

Their beef is that MTV/RTV campaign isn't as impartial as it suggests, and - horror of horrors - it's secretly trying to get the Democrats into power. (This, of course, all flows from the laughable idea that Viacom is a company full of liberals, or possibly even socialists, and MTV - the biggest single exporter of the American Dream worldwide, with its Cribs and Bling and Real Worlds - is somehow communist). Searching around for "evidence", they found the mock draft card email and the PSAs about a possible draft. What more proof could there be, suggest the Republicans, that RTV is biased?

Of course, it's an interesting and tacit acceptance by the Republicans that the Iraqi and Afgahn campaigns are actually unpopualr - for if everyone was thrilled with what Bush is doing in their name overseas, wouldn't a draft be a positive thing? Give everyone a chance to put their lives on hold and go and support their government, actually doing something actively for the War on Terror? Indeed, couldn't the democrats argue that RTV - by implying that good ole' Donny Rumsfeld is going to offer everyone this latter-day Golden Ticket to the front line?