Thursday, November 11, 2004

ROBBIE WILLIAMS: LIT CRIT: Oh, bless poor the Robbie Williams, who sees himself as Bridget Jones:

"Neither of us can find anyone to love us. People keep telling me to stop looking so hard for love, but I can't stop trying."

Actually, Robbie, when 'people' say "Will you stop looking, love?" they're trying to make you stop gazing with a gooney face at their breasts.

Now, we know you're not the brightest intellect in the world, Robbie, but surely even you could have managed to get through the Bridget Jones books and will have worked out that Bridget, erm, does actually find people to love her. And, of course, she also has a whole bunch of friends who love and care for her, as well. Plus, she's able to write a coherent diary, in such a way as to keep people interested in her life; partly because she sometimes manages not to bang on about how everything is rubbish for her. You're not really that alike at all, are you?