Tuesday, November 23, 2004

U2 HOLD PUBLICITY STUNT: U2 held the world's largest publicity stunt yesterday, holding a big, free gig in New York.

The band played eleven songs across two venues, and the gig also featured Bono talking patent Bonollocks, such as "Science and medicine and God are all the same thing and they should always be the same thing." No they're not - the very defiintion of science is that it must exist in opposition to belief, whereas a God is at the apex of a system that relies solely on belief. And medicine is a specific branch of science.

At the weekend, we caught Bono and The Edge popping up at the Clinton Library opening, which would have been quite an agreeable little set were it not for Bono's strange claim that it was "extraordinary that the Edge and I are able" to offer congratualtions to Clinton for his work on the Irish peace process - it was a classic Bono moment; apparently with his mind on higher things, he managed to place himself (and The Edge) at the centre rather than the man whose work he was supposedly championing. Even George W didn't try to shoulder himself to the front of events in the same way.