Thursday, November 25, 2004

"YOU SAY SORRY TO GOD": 1Xtra#s Robbo Ranx has got a interview this evening with controv-singer Sizzla. During the course of it, Sizzla basically ruins the argument of his supporters who've tried to imply all the anti-gay rubbish is out of date, insisting that he won't apologise for his anti-gay songs because he won't "apologise to corruption" and that it's the gays who should be apologising to God for breaking his laws. Sizzla does deny that he's a danger to gays and lesbians - he reckons that people who don't like his message should just stay away from his shows, which is either charmingly naive or just lazy: "look, if you don't approve of the annexing of Sudetenland, just keep away from Nuremburg, why don't you?"