Wednesday, November 10, 2004

YOU WOULDN'T MISS ROSS: Access Hollywood scored a fairly major scoop by getting the first post-prison interview with Diana Ross, although they should have tried for a deal which would have had Diana answering questions. Instead, she was gnomic. For example, asked about Michael Jackson:

"Please, I can't go there. I just think it's such a painful subject. It's just so hard."

Oh. What about driving while pissed?

"A choice you make can change your life. Things can change your life just like that," Ross explained. "You're on top one moment…then you're not on top."

We're not sure what choice she's actually talking about - the decision to hop into the driver's seat, the choosing to try and pretend that she wasn't drunk; or maybe just choosing to a bit lax in how she added up her time inside. None of which really makes any sense, though.

Sadly, we don't get to find out if she was in charge of the big press during her time inside, either.