Friday, December 31, 2004

DOCK THE HALLS?: The rapid increase in the number of Halls of Fame for specific genres and styles and subgenres of music may have reached its apex: the hideous prospect of needing a Hall of Fame Hall of Fame, to recognise the best Halls of Fame may yet be averted. The Vocal Group Hall of Fame (no, we hadn't, either) is collapsing in on itself. It's based in Sharon, Pennsylvania and was founded by James E Winner Jr, who made his cash from The Club anti-car theft device. Oddly, the chance to see the gowns worn by The Supremes on Ed Sullivan didn't really tempt that many people to make the 65-mile trip from Pittsburgh and, as the debts mounted, Winner pulled out and the new operators attempted to keep the dream alive through donations. When that failed, they tried sponsorship.

Things got worse this month, when Winner returned waving lawsuits - he reckons he's owed ten grand by the Hall, and he's unhappy that the pop tat collection has been taken away from the museum. Now, the dream is going to end up in court.