Wednesday, December 22, 2004

GIVE US THE CASH, MOTHERFUCKERS: Another unseemly tussle over band heritage is kicking off around the legacy of the MC5. The wife and kids of singer Rob Tyner are suing the reactivated remaining members over rights to the band's name and image, as well as cash-related stuff like royalties and so on. It's unclear if this is merely a pocketbook action, or if Rebecca Derminer has heard just how shit the current MC5 are and wants to step in and stop the pain, the pain.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a "current" MC5. The MC5 consisted of five guys, and two of the most integral of them, Rob Tyner and Fred "Sonic" Smith, are dead.

You want to talk about pocketbook issues, this DKT-MC5 baloney is just a front for three guys desperate for some cash and having no other way to get it than to ride the coattails of the band of their youth. Fine, do whatever you want, but if they use the MC5 name, they have to pony up to the families of their dead mates who were at least two-fifths responsible for creating the band.

Just as Yoko and Olivia Harrison would be alerted and yes, paid, if Paul and Ringo decided to launch a "Beatles" tour.

Wayne Kramer would have you believe he was the leader of the MC5 -- what a load of rot. He was never the leader of the band, nor the lead singer, nor the principal songwriter. It being the '60s, the band were all credited equally on songs but trust me, Wayne-o wasn't the creative force.

Anonymous said...

The current MC5 kick the old MC5's ass. Thank god we don't have to sit around and watch a drunk and fat Rob Tyner on stage with 4 other fatter guys slobbering through Chuck berry songs as "The MC5" or "The New MC5" or "Rob Tyner's MC5" or something like one of those embarrASSing situations. Spend your money on dkt-MC5. It's an great experience. Kramer was the visionary in the group then and is still the leader. And somebody tell Yoko Ono,,,I mean Rebecca Tyner,,,to go get herself a life and make an honest living.

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