Sunday, December 19, 2004

ONLY ONE THING CAN SAVE OUR EYES NOW: Oh, Victoria Beckham, however much you're paying your PR, you can't afford it. We loved the idea that anyone would believe that Vanity Fair - the American Vanity Fair - would be entertaining the idea of paying you a million bucks to put you naked and pregnant on the cover of the magazine. Because not only did they do that with Demi Moore years ago, and probably don't need to revisit the idea, but why would they want you on the cover at all, much less naked? Perhaps if you paid them a million, you might be in with a shout - but where would be the logic of a magazine shelling out large sums in order to have a derivative covershot of someone nobody in their market even remembers any more?

In other news: Geri Halliwell turns down Time magazine's "kind, kind offer" of Person of the Year title.