Monday, December 06, 2004

THERE MIGHT BE A POINT SOMEWHERE, BUT IT'S LOST ON US: We've already been sniffy about the stunt casting of Kelly Osbourne - who clearly isn't fat - as "the fat girl" in Life As We Know It. But we could probably all have maintained the fiction, since, of course, Kelly doesn't have the vomit-stained-finger thinness of the usual teen girl stars:

And, of course, the idea of trying to create a character who people with an ordinary body shape can identify with is something quite noble for a TV company to do. Only it gets blown when the actor rages about Not Being Fat and how terrible it is that the producers tried to make her look fat. Regardless of whatever the series sets out to do, Kelly's managed to reinforce the "having a belly is bad" mantra which makes so many people's lives a living hell. Is this the first instance of an actor is bullying her character?