Saturday, January 15, 2005

AS THE ROCK STAR SAID TO THE BISHOP...: Back in the days of Thatcher (the mother, not the chap who happily provides helicopters to people planning violent overthrows of governments without knowing what they'd use it for, of course) Runrig used to do their bit of Scottish arts by insisting every copy of their singles sold in the South of the UK was marked "Import." And, indeed, all seventeen Runrig records ever sold in England did, indeed, have that stamp upon them. Now, though, their lead singer Donnie Munro is trying to advance the cause of Scottish Arts still further, by battling Richard Holloway, the former Scottish Episcopal Bishop of Edinburgh, for the chair of the Arts Council. It's not a job with very much future - the council might be axed as part of an overhaul of Government arts policy - but it'll keep him busy while he tries to get a slot as an MP.