Friday, January 21, 2005

CURIOUSITY: When the RIAA sues ordinary file sharers, they "generously" agree to accept thousands of dollars for a few songs, despite that representing a large chunk of those people's incomes - the two grand they took off the mother of the twelve year old kid in the projects may have been as much as a tenth of her income for the year. Oddly, though, when the record companies sue each other, they seem to be happy to accept a lot less. So it is that Bertlesmann and Bridgeport have settled over Bertelsmann loaning Napster USD85million to keep going in its pre-legal days. And yet - including legal fees - the setttlement here is just USD50,000. And since this case has been dragging on for a few years, I think we can safely say that most of that will be for legal fees.

Isn't it odd that the losses incurred by record companies due to illegal sharing seem to be so much less when it's a buddy that is having to make them good.