Friday, January 21, 2005

(INEVITABLY) JENNY FROM THE CHOC: At least it's not as rubbish as their break bumpers for Coronation Street, but we still can't quite work out what made Madame Tussauds And Cadbury decide to make a Jennifer Lopez out of chocolate. Unless it was corporate insanity. We were taken with the claim that

Cadbury and Madame Tussauds have teamed up to create the first ever chocolate figurine

because we could have sworn we had a cow made from Milka, and what the hell is Freddo if he's not a figurine? Perhaps they meant to add "... of a fading popstar" in the interests of clarity but just forgot. We did have a horrible, horrible puncline involving anal sex and Marc Anthony, but we've had already had complaints that Accenture are blocking this site from their employee's computers, and we really don't want to get their filters all hot and bothered.