Friday, January 21, 2005

A MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Hey, you can't accuse Ice Cube of getting airs and graces - take when he goes to see the Lakers play:

ICE CUBE never misses a LOS ANGELES LAKERS home basketball game, but he refuses to sit with the stars.

Go ube - not for him the cossetted life of sitting with the rich and feted, oh no. So, are you down on the bleachers with the rest of us, Ice? Erm... nope...

The rapper owns a box at the Staples Center, where he can watch the game while his kids do their homework.

Of course he refuses to sit with the stars - he aint gonna go down to their crappy little area when he's got a living room of his own he can be watching from. We're sure the poor of LA will be delighted to hear that his kids go to the game, and spend their time doing homework instead, too.