Friday, January 21, 2005

SOMEONE THINKS OF THE CHILDREN: A big hoo-hah over at Kerrisdale Elementary in Vancouver, where head teacher Carol Andison has barred grade seven girls from doing Lady Marmalade at a school bash:

"It's a really great tune," Andison said. "It's just not appropriate for an elementary school show."

Parents, of course, are fuming that their little darlings have been barred from dressing up as hookers and singing about prostitution:

"It's censorship," Kiara Hunter fumed. "It's infuriating as a parent. What are they going to do, burn books now?"

...which is a splendid piece of over-reaction. Maybe Hunter doesn't mind her daughter singing 'do you wanna fuck me?' provided it's been translated into French first, but her principal telling her she can't do it on a school stage isn't really the same thing as National Socialism, surely?

If the row carries on, they'll scrap the entire musical event and just re-run Class 3A's stage production of The Story of O from last year instead.