Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ACTION: Today's Big Question: will the Outkast movie be a Slade In Flame, or will it be a Spiceworld The Movie? Direcotr Brian Barber outlines the plot:

"I had this idea in my mind for two years and wrote the film loosely based on my life and wrote their parts loosely based on some of our experiences together," Barber explained. "Basically, Dre and Big Boi have coinciding stories.

"Big Boi's in a love triangle and has to choose between his dream of being a businessman and his family. Dre's is more of a tragic love story. He falls in love with someone from out of town, which motivates him to follow his dream."

"His dream of being a businessman"? Are they angling for LearnDirect sposnsorship?

Richard E Grant, your cameo is probably assured.