Wednesday, February 02, 2005

WE HAVE A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION HERE, GEOFFREY: Interesting the difference in views of Pete Doherty at that Tsunami gig. At the nme, where he's recently been crowned Coolest, he was collected:

BABYSHAMBLES singer PETE DOHERTY raced overseas from PARIS last night to headline a special benefit concert in LONDON to help children who suffered in the ASIAN tsunami [...] The ex- Libertines guitarist, who has a reputation for turning up late or not at all, was surprisingly prompt for the packed out charity gig at The Garage in north London [...] But the biggest cheer came when Pete swaggered on stage with a pair of shades and a black leather jacket for an eventful 30-minute set, which involved plenty of crowd surfing, stagediving and beer[...]The security on the other hand had to contend with several fans trying to hug and kiss their hero as they charged the stage.

Of course, though, for the Sun, Pete is the insane crackhead who is trying to tempt Kate Moss to the dark side:

HAIR soaked in sweat, one eyeball rolling back into its socket, completely off this planet. This is the shocking image of wild Pete Doherty — the man who won the heart of Kate Moss [...] The shot was taken as heroin addict Pete, 25, performed with his band Babyshambles. But clearly Pete is the shambles. (Clever wording, cheers) Friends — and Kate — have begged the spaced-out wreck to sort himself out. Everyone wonders how the former Libertines frontman can be dating one of the world's great beauties [...] But that night he jumped on Eurostar and headed back to his seedy London haunts. The Astoria? Seedy? By 11pm when he hit the stage at North London's Garage venue for a tsunami benefit gig, Pete was out of control on crack cocaine and heroin. An onlooker said: "His eyes were all over the place. All you could see were the whites — a frightening image."
Pete was bundled out of the gig by minders and yelled at photographers.

So, an enthusiastic chap doing a spot of enthusiastic work for charity at a top London venue, or an out-of-contol loony rolling around with both crack and smack inside him (presumably the catering on Eurostar is now pitched cleanly at your late-night traveller?).