Thursday, February 24, 2005

LOSING THE GEMS: The Osbournes really don't have much luck with their shiny jewels, do they? First of all, after "coming back from America" a bloke ran away with rings and things he found in Ozzy and Sharon's bedroom; now jack osbourne has lost over a third of a million bucks worth of jewellery and watches.

Jack had put the stuff into his checked luggage while flying from LA to London.

Now, just because you'd have to be stupider than a drunken village idiot to put valuables into checked baggage doesn't mean we should go up to Young Jack and say "Bemmm!" like we did when we were at school. And it would be awful to ride up and down the street outside his house on a tricycle yelling "Hello! I'll put a third of a million dollars into this unlocked bag and give it to complete strangers!" with your pants on your head. Let's not even start to give in to low speculation about what the hell he must have had in his carry-on if he couldn't find space for jewels worth more than ten times the average salary. That would be unfair.

And let's not raise any questions about what he was doing shifting two - two watches and precious things in a suitcase. Apparently "they were gifts" said Young Jack, as he asked a passer-by to hold his wallet while he did his shoes up.