Thursday, February 24, 2005

PETE DOHERTY: IT'S BLAIR'S FAULT: Michael Howard, in a desperate bid to scare up a few extra votes amongst... well, it's not clear who, actually... has launched an attack on Pete Doherty. Yes, Michael Howard, who wants to be the next Prime Minister of Britain, thinks the comic cuts adventures of Doherty is worth making a speech about:

"Here you have a man who takes drugs and gets locked up - yet ends up on the front pages," said Howard.

Howard is urging pop stars and celebrities to be positive role models to children as he outlined his party’s policies on drugs, reports BBC News.

“Today, more than ever, we need responsible role models for our children - professional athletes prepared to say drugs are wrong, pop stars willing to say drugs aren't cool, actors who make clear that drugs ruin lives,” he said. “Because we all know that youngsters are more influenced than ever before by the celebrities they see on TV, the musicians they listen to and who are featured in magazines. “

The politician added that the media should not glorify drug use. “Some in the media give the impression that drug-taking is cool - is it any wonder that children believe this?” asked Howard. “I think many parents will have been rather surprised by the celebrity coverage given to Peter Doherty over the last month."

Erm... Mr. Howard... have you actually seen any of the coverage given to Doherty over the last few weeks? "Look at this picture of someone doing smack and say you won't"/"Kate Moss - drop him, we bet he smells"/"Doherty - on drugs and pooping his pants" - it's hardly been saying "Crack is good, yep?", is it? Even in the more laid back corners of the media there's been very little in the way of acclaim for Pete's drug habit. (Yes, some, but even that's been balanced). I wouldn't want to suggest that Howard doesn't know what he's talking about... oh, hang about, yes I do.

Howard also said the Conservatives would restore cannabis to being a Class B drug.

Yes, because making a soft drug more illegal is going to help stop people taking crack.

Of course, Howard's strange Nancy Reagan era approach to drugs is all a way of showing how horrible everything is under Blair, but he hasn't attempted to link Doherty's drug habit directly to the Prime Minister. Even although...

Who's that hanging around in the background as Blair meets that man from the pop band from the olden days? Could that be the shady "Alan" McGee? The man who was Libertines manager? Does this drugs thing go all the way to the top? [Continued in Simon Heffer's column, tomorrow]