Saturday, February 26, 2005

ONE OF THE LA TIMES MORE STUPID IDEAS: It's not a bad idea that there should be someone at the helm of the World Bank other than the usual Wall Street money-grubber - somone with an interest in the aims of the Bank rather than just wanting to get their jollies by looking at their large piles of money the Bank collects from countries which would otherwise be developing. But who does the LA Times suggest should be given this important job?


And they're not joking - it's not a "he'd be as good as anyone, and if not him, then Ronald McDonald" type suggestion. We do admit that there is an attraction or two in giving the slot to Mr. Vox - firstly, for all our criticism of his showboating and his use of poverty as a way of drawing attention to himself, his heart is in the right place. Second, if he actually had to do something other than just turn up and wave, it might stop him being quite so glib about how simple the answers are. Most importantly, it would tie up so much of his time that we might never get another clod-hopping U2 album thrust at us again.

On the other hand, we'd hate to suggest that the best way to find a person to lead an international institution is by picking the biggest show-off. And the suggestion that Bono is somehow not a Wall Street fave is laughable and poorly-researched: Bono, remember, has those links with Warren Buffet and the venture-capital side-gig down on Wall Street. He's closer to the Bush administration than his wacky, free thinker sunglasses would lead you to believe, as well.

World Bank? Let's see him run a branch of the Abbey National for a few months, then we'll think about it.