Saturday, February 26, 2005

APPLE AGAINST THE EUROPEANS: The iTunes pricing structure - which let continental Europeans get their Apple-delivered kicks for less than we have to pay in the UK - always looked to be set for trouble; the OFT has been looking into the matter and has now decided to pass the matter onto the European Commission. Which? Magazine is pleased that it's caused all sorts of trouble for Apple:

“The online music market is a huge growth area; the Single Market should work the same in this market as others,” said principal policy adviser Phil Evans “We’re campaigning for free movement of goods and services in Europe and we’ll take on any company, or group of companies, that seek to carve up the market to their benefit.”

Apple, of course, has made the not-entirely-convincing defence that "all things cost different prices in different places." We suspect that the European Commission might be looking for something a bit more than that.