Thursday, February 24, 2005

ROBBIE WILLIAMS NOW FALLING BACK ON OLD MAGNUM MATERIAL: BRMB asked Robbie Williams what he thought of the Charles & Camilla wedding. He made a joke about how the video of it will be called - snark! - Seabiscuit 2. Because they look like horses, geddit? Except, of course, Camilla doesn't look like a horse at all - Celine Dion does, but Camilla doesn't have a long face; Princess Anne does, but Camilla doesn't have the same sort of big teeth. And since Seabiscuit - both the horse and the movie - are virtually unknown in the UK, it might be seen as a really odd reference. Why not the more obvious Black Beauty II? Probabl because Williams was just repeating a joke Tom Selleck made. Wonder if Robbie actually understood his joke?