Thursday, February 24, 2005

"I don't think anything can kill me now, so the Camden shows will probably make me stronger" - Josh Homme, NME, this week

"QOTSA have cancelled their remaining European dates after Josh Homme was taken ill with a serious lung infection" - Drowned in Sound, this morning

So, it turns out Josh has decided that, actually, coughing up lung blood actually can kill him after all. Statement? Statement:

"We've toured with everything from broken ankles to bruised livers, but simply weren't prepared for this relentless attack of teeming bacteria. Our fans know that we ain't pussies and this is an obvious downer for everyone involved. All we really wanted to do was play our new tunes for everybody, and turn this "promo tour" into more of a party. So, for those of you with any unused tickets, hold on to them. We'll be back as soon as possible to make up these shows, and when we do, we'll have something special for all of you with an un-ripped ticket. We ain't in the habit of cancelling, and we don't forget."