Friday, February 04, 2005

YOU'RE QUITTING YOUR WHAT?: Apparently, Jennifer Ellison is quitting her pop career, which is on a par with us abdicating from being King of Belguim. We're not quite sure why she's bothering to make the announcement, or, indeed, who she'll be sending her letter of resignation to.

"I gave it a good go because I've always wanted to be a singer."

Yes, Jennifer "gave it a good go" releasing all of two singles and no albums before she elected to call it a day.

She even did her best to look like Rachael Stevens, in the hope of confusing people shopping in Woolworths. But after the almighty struggle, she's decided it's just not worth the effort of doing a third single.

"When I got into pop I found it wasn't so much about the singing as about how cool you wrere. How can you expect to be given a fair chance when no one will give your record airplay."

Let's just hold the thought here that Ellison is more or less suggesting that she isn't actually cool - goodness - and try and pretend that she's really finding that the world won't listen. (Yes, we know Baby I Don't Care always seemed to be on the Box and Smash Hits TV whenever we switched it on, but let's let that pass). If Jen were finding it difficult to get her record played, surely she must have found some compensation in the acres of coverage in Heat, the red top tabloids, those magazines called things like 'Pick Me Now' and 'Choose', being in that Gordon Ramsay swears at you thing... Indeed, the question might be how did someone with all that exposure not manage to sell many records?

Perhaps, Jen, it's not that you weren't cool enough... could it be you just weren't good enough?