Thursday, March 17, 2005


There seems to be a spot of confusion over whether Ian Brown got arrested or not during his gig in San Francisco on Tuesday.

His label's spokesperson Paul Smernicki says he was - a fan jumped on stage, attacked Brown, and then things got confused:

Mr Smernicki said he had been told a fan "rugby-tackled" the singer during the gig, which resulted in "pushing and shoving".

Ian Brown led The Stone Roses until they split in 1996
Brown then got into a brawl with another man who tried to restrain him - without realising he was a security guard, Mr Smernicki added.

The star went off for 15 minutes before returning to finish his set. Police took witness statements and apprehended Brown at his hotel, Mr Smernicki said.

But he was released without charge and "as far as we're aware, that's the end of it", Mr Smernicki added.

On the other hand, SF police say they have no record of the incident.

Obviously, after what happened to Dimebag before Christmas, anyone rushing the stage in the US must be a cause for a little alarm these days - although it's hard to believe anyone in 'Frisco would be that enraged by Brown's role in the split of the Stone Roses. Unless they were angry he didn't take action to break the band before they released The Second Coming.

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