Saturday, March 26, 2005


Adam Ant's solo career wasn't quite as bad as the bits that might stick in your mind: Apollo 9 at Live Aid; launching his post-Ant life with apparently only the support of Look-In and CB TV Channel 14, at a time when children weren't the gatekeepers of credibility. We're not entirely sure, having said that, that it merits
a four-CD box set retrospective:

Called Ant Remasters, out April 11th
. And it seems that the steam ran out of the project halfway through, too: the box looks like it was going to take eight discs, and we'd imagine that was the plan right up until they got as far as the tracklisting for Disc Three, where they might have realised they were stretching things - there are four versions of Apollo 9 and three Vive Le Rocks: there's comprehensive, and just being obsessive. (Actually, the extra space is to allow you to slip in the Adam and the Ants remasters. Apparently).

However, it is quite a bargain and does have everything you could ever want from Adam's solo catalogue, and lots and lots of demos.

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