Thursday, March 10, 2005

GAVIN TAKES THE STAND: Jackson trial update

Surely, the most curious aspect of yesterday's jackson hoopla was prosecutor Tom Sneddon asking the don't-call-him-victim Gavib Arvizo if he recognised the defendant. Well, duh, it's Michael Jackson.

Gavin's first day on the stand saw him talking about how jackson first stopped returning his calls, before inviting him back to "audition" for the movies:

Gavin claimed Mr Jackson had taken him to one side, asked him if he still wanted to be an actor and said he would get him into the movies, this was his audition. "He said: 'Tell them you call me Daddy and Daddy Michael,"' he told the court. "He told me to say he helped me and that he pretty much cured me of cancer." Asked whether that was true, Gavin said: "Not really. He was hardly there during my cancer."

Earlier, Gavin's brother Star admitted he'd "got details wrong" in early interviews with police; he'd claimed he'd been on a couch when Jackson did whatever he did, whereas in court he said he'd been watching through a door. Star put the discrepencies down to being nervous.
The trial will puruse its course.