Tuesday, March 15, 2005


David Beckham - he used to be a famous footballer a few years back - has been talking about his wife's delight at having an apparent eating disorder or at the very least, an unhealthy obsession with her weight:

The England superstar told GMTV 'Tor' was already "very happy" with her post-baby figure just three weeks after giving birth.

"She's very happy - she didn't put much on anyway, to be honest, she only had this little cute bump. But she's really good and really healthy," said Becks.

"She's great and she's losing the weight quickly, which is pleasing for her."

You might have thought she'd be looking for joy in her new born baby, or in the warmth of her loving family. Nope; it's seeing the scales tip at the right point which pleases Victoria.

And the name for the baby? Well, apparently, that was all about showing off, too:

"We just wanted something different, of course, because that's the way we are..."

Right, so the child has been lumbered with a name for its social cachet, has it? (Not, actually, that Cruz is all that different, if you're living in Spain)

"... and we actually struggled with Cruz's name because it was right up to the last couple of days and we just couldn't decide what to call him. We love it. You have to do the little test, Victoria was in the lounge and I'd go outside and shout upstairs, "Cruz, come down!" and then we said, "Yes, that's the one!"

Actually, we bet that while they might have been standing at home, they were picturing how it would sound at a social event - Victoria imaging the turning heads. Well, he'll always be Tim to us.