Sunday, March 20, 2005


Although it won't be affecting the odds overmuch, Lebanon has pulled out of the Eurovision song contest. No, not because someone at state broadcaster Tele Liban sent a message to Eurovision headquarters saying "Yes, we checked and you're right, Lebanon is in the Middle East and not Europe after all", but because they got the hump over Israel also being involved:

Tele Liban’s head, Ibrahim Khoury, confirmed the decision to pull out, saying that the broadcaster was unaware of the presence of an Israeli participant when it confirmed its entry in December.

"Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel. If the Israeli contestant wins, we would have to show the celebrations," Khoury said.

He would also be obliged to allow viewers to vote for the Israeli entry. "I cannot do this," he said.

Obviously Lebanon is so really keen on the Eurovision Song Contest, it managed to not notice Dana International's victory for Israel in 1998.

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