Wednesday, March 16, 2005


The cross-examination of Gavin Arvizo has been the main business at the Jackson trial, with, as expected, Thomas Mesereau focusing on the times Arvizo told teachers that Jackson hadn't abused him. Arvizo has attempted to explain that as a way of trying to avoid being teased as the "boy that Michael Jackson raped".
Perhaps the more important question - unasked by both sides - is what made the teachers think that Jackson might have abused the boy in the first place.

Meseraeu then attempted to paint the fifteen year-old as being not that innocent:

Working that theme, Mesereau tried to get the boy to fess up to being something more than an innocent who was corrupted by Jackson. He asked the boy if, during his days at Neverland, he ever masturbated, drank or looked through "girlie magazines," as Mesereau calls them, when Jackson wasn't around.

The boy rejected the attorney's assertions.

We're not quite sure if the "it's okay to molest kids, providing they wank" law Mesereau seems to be alluding to is a state or federal measure.

More successfully, Mesereau demonstrated further changes in the coherence of the story. And it might be this which is starting to change the tenor of reporting of the case: you can see that the US media is starting to sense that Jackson might be acquitted. E! has started to call him the King Of Pop in their headlines again.

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