Monday, March 21, 2005


We're bemused by the continuing coverage of the Lena Zavaroni of our age, Charlotte Church - both The Sun (who have another mainly racist front page today) and The Star make space for the latest twist in the tale:

- but who is it they think is interested? Even Charlotte's gran has long since abandoned her scrapbook. Shouldn't we at least insist she sells some records like, this decade, before she gets any more coverage for her sex romp/love rat lifestyle?

The Mail and Express, however, have more important matters on their mind: they know their middle management readers love a spot of mild s&m:

Those teases at the Mail tuck away that Kylie corset in the inner pages, but Richard Desmond didn't get where he is today without letting his readers have a full splash on his front page:

Apparently we're about to see "the return of the corset" - although, surely, for one or two tabloid editors it never really went away, did it?

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