Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A QUICK LOOK AT THIS MORNING'S FRONT PAGES: And how happy are the press, able at last to run Jacko-Paedo stories under the privilege of court reporting:

Oddly - by which we mean not that odd at all, what with how Murdoch's Fox Network is gambling on a Jacko aquittal, the Sun plays down the story a little; so despite Rebakkah Wade's single-handle whipping of hysteria over kiddie-fiddlers in the past, the paper seems to suggest that Jackson's troubles rank lower than a footballer getting punched and Hilary Duff having a burger. What, Rebakkah, don't you care about the kiddies any more?

The Mail, of course, has some hysteria to whip up about Muslims so can't give all its space to Jacko, but it does have a fairly restrained headline - terrible picture, though; it makes Jackson look like his face only occupies only the lefthand half of the front of his head. Curious that he's signalling for Victory, isn't it? It's impossible to see how he can come out of this intact, even if he doesn't get found guilty of the central claims.

And some nice work by the Mirror - 'sicko' jacko - geddit? I'll be they've been working on that since they heard he was on trial; they'll be keeping the 'Paedo Jacko' back in case there's a guilty verdict. Of course, Jacko and the Mirror have form: he took legal action against them when they suggested his nose was falling off, and although they'd appeared to have legally patched things up, no paper relishes having to make an embarrassing climbdown. They'll probably be the least sympathetic of the papers, at least until the verdict is decided.