Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Ja Rule has swallowed something hard and jagged and said 'sorry', apoligising mainly to the entire city of Toroto while pleading guilty to assault. Obviously, he had his reasons - some people had stood near him shouting stuff about 50 Cent and, just like any 12 year-old, Ja felt angry at the playground taunting. Although the court report says he's 29, which can't be right. Anyway, it all ended up in a punching.

More oddly, the judge - W P Bassel in the case apologised to Ja for the shouting in the first place. A judge. Saying sorry for people going "ooh, 50 Cent is better than you." There'd be your majesty of the law, then. Ja copped to an assault charge and will use the small change in his 4x4 to pay the 1,200 dollar fine.