Sunday, March 27, 2005


Buried in the sad story of Gail Porter's post-natal depression and suicide attempt is this nugget about life with Dan Hipgrave from Toploader:

"After I had Honey I wasn't in the mood for sex," said Gail. "I just didn't feel sexy any more and I didn't make an effort. I had humungous breasts and didn't want sex with Dan. I was worried I'd suffocate him. I had a layer on my tummy and felt disgusting. I was always hanging around in pyjamas—but the one time I felt like getting dressed up my timing was all wrong.

"England were playing Germany and I put on the most sexy lingerie ever and tried to distract Dan but he wouldn't stop watching the game."

He had a wife looking for a bit of support, and chose a football match. And yet Dan seems unable to accept that there's not much there any more. Apparently he hasn't yet moved out of their house yet, despite Gail asking him to. Maybe you should just cancel the Sky Sports subscription, Gail.

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