Monday, March 07, 2005


The launch of a new alternative music TV station is always an occasion for rejoicing, as it means a full three weeks of excitement and decent music until the dream crumbles and it starts relying on just showing Blink 182 and White Stripes back to back. Let's hope things are different for THAT TV, although the horrible, probably reversed out almost acronym doesn't fill you full of confidence. Surely, anyway, The Home of Alternative Television should be THA TV? And doesn't the name imply it's going to be Mark Perry back-to-back?

On the other hand, it's not owned by Viacom or EMAP, and it's based in Edinburgh, which means it's far out enough from London to be far out enough. We've always hoped that someday there'd be a station a little like a 24-Hour version of Yorkshire TV's Transmission - maybe this could be it?

It's on Sky from August.