Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Amazon not-that-busily taking pre-orders for Don't Believe The Truth (528th best seller - hardly a world set alight, then), and this:

as a cover
. (Not final artwork? You'd bloody well hope not - Liam appears to have come as Paul weller and Noel... good god, Noel, get a bloody grip man) Now, there's a tracklisting, too:

‘Turn Up The Sun'
'Mucky Fingers
‘Love Like A Bomb’
‘The Importance Of Being Idle’
‘The Meaning Of Soul’
‘Guess God Thinks I’m Abel’
‘Part Of The Queue’
‘Keep The Dream Alive’
‘A Bell Will Ring’
‘Let There Be Love’

So, let's just check the full Oasis songbook is there - dim-witted pisspoor Live Forever style anthem? Keep The Dream Alive. Another desperate attempt to write something Beatle-esque? Let There Be Love. An attempt to throw down a gauntlet by defining a genre and demonstrating ? The Meaning of Soul. The sort of 'clever' title that a fifteen year old would - wrongly - assume impress girls and guarantee loss of virginity? The Importance of Being Idle. Oh, yes, it's all in place.


Anonymous said...

pessimistic cock

Anonymous said...

what you#re writing is nothing than bullshit!the titles represent a certain style oasis always represented...thats the rock'n roll lifestyle you idiot! you should rather appreciate the quality of their songwriting, especially in let there be love!your comments are showing that you're blogging without thinking..can you even think?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Being criticised for being unthinking by an Oasis fan is a little bit like being taken to task by Saddam Hussein for ignoring due legal process.

I'm not quite sure why you believe that Oasis represent the rock and roll lifestyle - marrying trophy wives, divorcing trophy wives, hanging out with the models and second-string acting set, drinks with Tony Blair: it might be what Bono thinks is rock & roll, we guess.

Oh, and we do appreciate the quality of Noel's songwriting - it was adequate, sometimes pretty decent, on the first album, stretched on the second, and then downhill from there.

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