Sunday, March 13, 2005


Rather than bring any sanctions against Martin Bashir for his recent flurry of ABC specials about the Jackson case (Bashir should have been observing a court-imposed gag on participants banging on about the case in public), Judge Melville is going to let Jackson make a programme of his own. The defense told the court they wanted the programme as a balance, but there was a slightly more prosaic reason:

"Right now, rebutting his critics is a prime way of earning a living," said Jackson lawyer Brian Oxman. "Enormous money is being offered for rebuttal programs and we'd like to take advantage of that."

So... the court are going to allow Jackson to make a one-sided programme that will allow him to turn a profit from being accused of getting a kid drunk and jerking him off? Shouldn't they at least wait to see if the jury fins him guilty of doing that before letting that happen?